Mountain to Ocean


I have posted blogs related to traveling abroad and then I thought I didn’t talk much about my country so this time I will write about mountain experience in Japan.

One day while drinking with my friend we debated when and where is the best place and time to eat sushi!! And the conclusion was very simple :  best sushi can be found in the prefecture like (Fukui or Ishikawa )which are located on the west coast. And best timing is Whenever we are extremely hungry…too easy… this might explain how my brain works….haha


This time the plan was to go cross Japan while mountaineering and head toward  the west coast where we can indulge ourselves with fresh sushi!! It would take 8days to reach…but to get a best sushi,there was no way but to try!



this is how Japanese mountains looks like.Some places have little bit scraggy path but well maintenanced.



who takes this picture!!??? Obviously everyone got so exhausted…this time the temperature was so high even in the mountain and also because of continuous sunny days, all possible water source was dried out which was not our plan at all…you can tell how we felt at that time.



 we managed to arrive at the ocean side,yet at the time we were so thirsty…not hungry…and we could’ t find any sushi restaurant…we were just middle of nowhere except the ocean.First we thought about hitchhiking but concluded as that doesn’t work as an option as there was no car… so we decided to walk toward the nearest station and went back home…

Although our mission failed we were still able to captured great experience and memory together…yet there are lessons for you who have interest in hiking inJapan.

1Check the sushi restaurant before you leave 

2prepare for the lack of water in the mountain

hope you enjoy and learn from my mistakes!!haha



Excuse my muzzle!!:)


We bumped into  one group consisting of cutest members on the street on heading toward oatman.

out of nowhere, one cute local came to greet us…the donky(?) on the picture above was really polite when he said hi to us:)


Then some other friednds followed the first one.And real local family(this time human) were also this picture was taken by that family.What I like about this is we both didn’t realise at that moment that we are taken photos. But this picture has remained one of my most favorite pictures of our trip.As if it tells the most precious time is always there just we don’t notice that.


「I know it might be too intrusive now…but I’ve got to say one last word」…Obviously my boyfriend and she!?? had sad good-bye moment…the muzzle which stuck into through the window part was amazingly adorable I guess so many people will find that part cute!

Traveling different area always provide us new experience:)














Bishop,Root beer,Well


Here we were!!  Bouldering paradise―Bishop! well…at first we didn’t include visitting Bishop but somehow my boyfriend who had authority ,as he was driving, stealthly put this place into our itenerary…haha:) oh,through my travel I developed my love for root beer!!

On the way to Bishop, we were looking for water resorce to fill up bottle.Luckily we found a local who was also carrying bottles and asked the place to get some drinkable water.Then he pointed out direction and explained ‘‘Go down this way and hit the corner then  turn right , you’ll see green well there!Easy!!‘‘ 

We thanked him but it took us really half an hour to find one…with the second help of the same person.obviously the color of the well matched the surrounding and above all, the path seemed to be straight and we couldn’t tell the slight curb that we were told there was.So we just went gorward and backward until he finally reached us laughing and this time he  lead us to there!

He was actually on the way back to his home but come back for us …maybe he couldn’t stand seeing us at a lost…This experience definetely made our stay here much better heartwarming one!!! 



first time to use well… how to pomp!!???funny!!:)





Road trip in US


My boyfriend and I have decided to go across the US tracking all the way through route 66.We rented an economy car packed our tent and funny thing was our car didn’t have navigation system in. Without car navigation…well we even didn’t have cell phone with us at that time.

What we can count on is good old method to lead us to the right direction…compass and maps. “Go toward east!!! South!” these were mostly my answer even though I was not sure where I was…But life went awesome and still those trip has remained as my favorite one.


The way we walked



“Why not go into the big nature!?” …which was written on the poster on the wall of my university, when I first thought about hikng in the mountain.Actually that was desperate poster inviting freshmen to the alpine club. That was five years ago… And still now my friend laugh about the transformation of me when I actually first visited the meeting of the club wearing high heels and short skirt into totally different appearance of these days.

All those years of my university I devoted myself to travel and exploring and mountaineering doing things which I had never expected I would do.Basically I had tried to do thing and chose the one which normally I wouldn’t choose.

As grown up in very conservative family ,I had never slept outside in the tent and sleeping bag and even I got scared by even small things bugs, height,frogs… and so on…But with the hope of changing myself ,I continued to do mountaineering all of my university years and the last year of my university my team have decided to set an expedition team to Nepal only consists of students and with the aid of Japanese Alpine Club we realized our dream.

Although  as a student we had to do many things due to lack of our fund, we needed to do some fundraising activities,  yet that experience was valuable one for me…But above all what I surprised most was I never thought I would be in Nepal when I started my university life…

The lesson what I learned from my senior is “when you think you literally can’t walk any more, try to look back and see all the way you’ve walked through ,that will cheer you up.” I really love this idea.  Nowadays  we are told not to look back  past and forced to go forward in our life.But I really agree when you get tired ,it’s ok sometime to look back and accept what you have done and be in that moment in your life, that make you feel relieved from worries of your current situatuion.

This is one of my lessons taught by both nature and friend.

The book review The Alchemist


This book is very popular all over the world, so I assume many of you may have heard or actually read.  I was recommended to read this while studying in Canada.And not only once…maybe couple of times in my life before I read  it.And I’ve been wanted to do book review.I’ll start with the book “The Alchemist” written by Paulo Coelho.

The Alchemist is very easy to read and the storyline is very simple,but what I like about is there are so many life lessons in it and altough we can easily find the phrase or part where the author’s  intention about life lessons, the way which written made it possible for us to fit to our own situation.In other words, it can be applied for any situation in our possible  life problems.

The story is about one boy’s journey to find his “Personal Legend “Along the way of his travel, he met unique people and experience things and gain new understandings.

After reading it I felt encouraged to find my own personal legend.And also I was convinced as long as I believe in what I want to accomplish and make effort toward that goal,”all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it”. As the book’s main purpose teach es us.



What gravitate to us!?


India has been popular as a destination among so many backpackers and travelers all the time. And I was kind of  wondering  the reason for that. Historical reason? Genetical reason?Well,thare may be tons of reason why that country has fascinated so many people around the world…

But, as my personal reason, it was “Acceptance” the place offer to me which made me so comfortable and felt welcomed by the place.

The country, where is  really honest.

People are extremely kind and sacred sometimes selfless which make me think there are definitely humans who are born good in nature.And also sometimes I found totally opposite case.Some places have breathtaking view and we can’t help believe the art of the nature.Or you may find the place make you feel how come things become like this or that…

For me this place has been telling” it’s ok to be who you are.”As the place shows me the greatest example,there is no perfect thing in there, yet there are still beautiful things in our world.When thing or people show its true self inclding its greatness and weakness with honesty, we are able to accept more easily…And now I feel ,to realize that lesson I got a great opportunity to go there.